Gabriel Mott Colors CV/bio


“You are only as dynamic as your experience.”

Advice I heard upon graduating with honors from UC Berkeley, inspired in me, a lasting foundation of curiosity, commitment and adventure.

Product Designer, CEO, Art Instigator, Painter, COO, Projection Artist, Color Freak, Product Manager, Public Speaker, Creative Director

The day Netscape went public, Jerry Garcia died, and I was in Cambodia. After two years in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the USA’s south, I returned to the Bay Area and got a job with Silicon Graphics. I gave tours of the Visionarium, the greatest Virtual Reality-immersive-experience available near the end of the last millennium.

My greatest failure at SGI, that I could not convince Maya Angelou to experience Saint Peter’s Basilica in our Visionarium, was also my greatest success, because I discovered the power of story. Her truth changed my beliefs.

Maya Angelou stands alone as the single guest of thousands, to respectfully decline, because, as she explained to me,

“I have been to Saint Peter’s Basilica and don’t want the real images in my brain replaced with artificial renderings.”

Born: Seattle, Washington,
Lived over a year in: Phnom Penh, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Maui, and Honolulu
Currently living in: Berkeley, California

Founder/Co-Founder of:  Huedoku LabsColor is Relative,  Colorbox, badX, Art-Mixx, SourceMaui

Startup CEO, Founder: Product Design, Management and Customer Experience

Huedoku Labs

•Successfully launched three iOS Apps, responsible for all UX/UI design, product management, concept, marketing, analytics, and online-advertising.
•Raised seed investment to achieve 18 month runway.
•Designed product features, wireframes, working closely with engineers creating platform – using agile + lean startup methodology to iterate features.
•Launched at Startup Fest Europe managing pilot program with Stedelijk and Rijksmuseum.
•Completed Top 20 Incubator: Blue Startups Accelerator.
•Developed creative user research strategies and made insights actionable.

Creative Director

Creative Director

  • Co-founder of the SOURCE Interactive Arts Festival
  • Responsible for annual art grants
  • Invented and facilitated ARTstorm, a gathering intended to inspire creativity, provide resources and generate nodes of connectivity so that ideas of interactive art become real and tangible experiences.
  • Led, hosted and facilitated TED like forum of educational presentations
  • Curated Musearium, inside gallery of static, flat, digital, and 3D interactive art installations